My Journey

My Journey began with over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, I've learned how our emotions can have a huge impact on the health of our hair. I personally experienced hair loss due to traumatic events within my family. So because of my love for this industry and my personal experience BoPeets was born.

As a licensed Cosmetologist and Hair Loss Practitioner, it has always been my goal to provide proper hair care. BoPeets Hair and Scalp Oil Blend is designed to make sure everyone's scalp and hair is provided with the love and attention it deserves.

The love I have for the beauty industry I want to reflect in my work. I love everything the industry provides. The education, the artistic expression, the bond between humans, and the ability to create and grow. 

Bopeets Essential Hair and Scalp Oil Blend is to refresh and replenish the scalp of what it loses over time. This oil blend comforts, soothes, and replenishes the scalp.  With proper use it can enhance your scalps condition and the benefits can be lasting. You can use BoPeets Hair Oil as a pre-shampoo hot oil treatment. 

What can contribute to hair loss?

  • Grief
  • Stress
  • Poor Diet
  • Age
  • Hereditary Hair Loss
  • Lack of Proper scalp and hair care
  • Certain hairstyles

Essential Oils have been used in Asia, Africa, and Europe for centuries for their natural healing benefits. Our scalps can be likened to a pot, and our hair is the beautiful plant that springs forth from that pot. But to keep our hair and scalp beautiful, it is essential we give it what it needs. 

I truly hope you enjoy your experience with BoPeets Hair and Scalp Oil Blend that was made with love.

No water, no silicones, no binders, or fillers have been added. 

Yours Truly, 

Melina B


In honor of my wonderful and amazing grandmother Berniece Peet my BoPeet!