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BoPeets Hair and Scalp Oil

Hair and scalp care is valued above hair styling. Take care of one and it'll take care of the rest. Whether your relaxed, natural, have color treated hair, braids, locs, or extensions, our products revitalize your hair and scalp with clean, natural oils that don't harm you or the environment.

"LUXURY" Oil Blend

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"PEACE" Oil Blend

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"RELAX" Oil Blend

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"HARMONY" Oil Blend

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"SERENITY" Oil Blend

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"Hair care starts with good scalp care."

Grief, stress, poor diet, medication, and the environment can effect the chemistry of our hair and scalp. BoPeets Oil Blend was designed to replenish and soothe the scalp and add balance to the hair. Even our fellas can use them.

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Reviews For BoPeets Oil Blend

"I love your BoPeets oil!! I'm happy I purchased it!! My scalp is Happy too!"


"Thank you for putting out a Luxury oil blend for our hair to maintain it Health!"


"I love the oil and the tingling feeling it leaves on my scalp!"

Laura P

"OMG! I noticed a huge difference after just one use! Thank you so much!"

Judy K

"Does your scalp and hair feel dehydrated? If so, I recommend using BoPeets Hair and Scalp Luxury Oil"

Hair Stylist @HealingsIsFromTheRoot

"My Son and I have been using Serenity and it has been the only thing that soften our hair. I never want to be without it"


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